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I am an Organizational Communication Scholar and trained Anthropologist.

Broadly, my research interests are physical infrastructure & materiality; diversity, equity, and inclusion; belonging; space & non-linear time; and empathy. My approach to academics and research has been to dabble, dive, and interweave disconnected areas of research and social need to better illustrate how seemingly disparate conversations are often intersectional and comorbid. What this has looked like for me is that I have been part of many projects and working groups (dabble); I have brought my knowledge from each of the groups I have been part of to the next group very transparently while becoming intimately aware of the work that is being done (dive); and, I have worked with my collaborators and partners to push our understanding of the subject at hand to see how it is connected to other systems and issues that are not obviously connected (interweave). I first developed this practice while I was a student and wanted to find a way to understand my disconnected classes as in conversation with one another to make studying more fruitful for me and I’ve found that maintaining the habit professionally has continued to be bountiful. In my dissertation (If these stalls could talk: Organizational invitations to identification evoking a user’s sense of belonging as communicated through infrastructure), I demonstrate this by working intersectionally between different schools of thought within organizational communication and connecting this with other academic vantagepoints. My dissertation is under embargo until August 2024. If you are interested in reviewing a copy of my dissertation within the embargo window, please email me with information regarding your interest in my work.

Previous work has connected me with public health, international development and conflict, alcohol and other drug prevention and recovery, medical history, education and accessibility, deinstitutionalization and prison abolition, and grassroots community organizing.

Some of my ongoing work has been focused on defining empathy for the purposes of making it actionable in research as a metatheoretical framework and building a model for describing what empathy could look like in different types of research. For more details see Modeling Empathy and learn more about the current state of the model, plans for growing the model, and the latest comments scholars have shared with me about this model.

Go to my page on Organizational Relationships to learn more about organizations that I have been part of and that I am currently affiliated with!

To keep up with my latest work, look at my Curriculum Vitae!

Check out my page on Methodologies, Data Management & Metatheoretical Approach(es) to learn more about the kind of work I’ve done, hope to do in the future, and the lens through which I view my role in research and field work.

In addition to doing research I have ever growing experience with poetry, teaching and art!

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