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I am a trained Anthropologist and PhD Candidate in Organizational Communication at Purdue University in the Brian Lamb School of Communication. I am also a co-facilitator for an Antiracist Reading Group in the Purdue Math Department and the founder of a Writer’s Workshop Group at Purdue University.

To keep up with my latest work, look at my Curriculum Vitae!

Go to my page on Organizational Relationships to learn more about the organizations that I am affiliated with!

Broadly, my research interests are physical infrastructure & materiality; diversity, equity, and inclusion; expressed organizational values; identification & belonging; space & non-linear time; and empathy. Some of my current work has been focused on defining empathy for the purposes of making it actionable in research as a metatheoretical framework and building a model for describing what empathy could look like in different types of research. For more deatils see Modeling Empathy and learn more about the current state of the model, plans for growing the model, and the latest comments schoalrs have shared with me about this model.

Check out my page on Methodologies, Data Management & Metatheoretical Approach(es) to learn more about the kind of work I’ve done, hope to do in the future, and the lens through which I view my role in research and field work.

In addition to doing research I have ever growing experience with teaching and art!

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